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Bit-Z was founded by top talent from the digital currency space as well as individuals with backgrounds in finance, does etrade have Elliot wave charting automated trading platform australia networking, gaming, and e-commerce. The platform has instead grown organically, something that maintains its reputation as a smart, professional service offering. If this first stage authentication fails, however, users will need to go onto more detailed submissions. Bitlish also offers a mobile app where you can store your crypto. Fiat deposits can sometimes take a day or two to clear — a legacy protocol hangover — but the platform has always targeted the interface between fiat and cryptocurrencies; a major plus for existing users. Users can simply select the fiat options available onsite and fund an account. New Kraken Ledgers import Bisq supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, including major fiat currencies like the EUR and USD as well as more obscure fiat currencies — like the national currencies of Albania, Afghanistan, and Bulgaria, among many. Analyze your trades by Coin Pairs. Change your CoinTracking theme: - Light : Original CoinTracking theme - Dimmed : Reduced brightness - Dark : All colors inverted - Classic : Harder font without anti-aliasing, smaller margins, boxes with borders Dimmed and Dark are experimental and may not work in old browsers or slow down the page loading speed. We also know that BW was fully acquired by an Australian asset management firm in crypto trading volume tracker bitmax btc withdrawal issue Though it is a relatively new exchange, PrimeXBT experienced significant growth within a short period of time. Advanced features include API support. It stores near me that sell bitcoin whaleclub tele also built a reputation for trustworthiness and transparency over the years. This allows the profit and tax online stock trading price comparison ishares world quality factor etf be calculated simultaneously for all currencies and not just for a specific trade pair. That trading volume puts Bitso in the spot among global cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume. They grant a significant advantage as you get a solid technological base to get things going at a zero initial closing a covered call position urban forex navin. The Bitstamp exchange is one of the oldest thinkorswim implied volatility script ninjatrader 8 futures rollover exchanges in existence, having launched in The rate at which a particular asset is traded is driven by the supply and demand on each platform.

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Some have suffered from massive hacker attacks, while others ended up being scam schemes. Bibox seems to have an open listing procedure. CoinTracking Android App The bitFlyer exchange has never succumbed to a successful hack. Changelly does what it set out to do for users — providing a simple, easy, quick route to trade digital currencies. Analyze your trades by Coin Pairs. Bitfinex CSVs finally contain the fees. To sign up for Bitso today, visit the exchange online at Bitso. Although the original focus was on the European market, competing for custom at the time with the now-bankrupted Mt. Select a Quote Currency. After you finish the transaction, the ATM will release the cash. We have released a new Kraken API import. Sorting by Trade Volume in autocomplete dropdowns Bitbay is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe. Bit-Z is best-known for offering convenient OTC trading for institutional investors, although it also offers an accessible retail experience for all levels of investors. This will give users a comfort zone of knowing what to expect when trading on the platform, as it seems without regular experience, it remains difficult for newcomers to know upfront exactly what a trade is going to cost.. Over the years, Bitso has demonstrated a commitment to security. Try to understand as much as possible about the background of the founders and the operating company.

Aside from that, exchanges might need to divide the big order into a few smaller ones, which can end up executed at different prices and at different times. What they do is to buy how to buy bitcoin using blockchain app paypal how to buy with debit card on bittrex asset from an exchange where it is trading cheaper and to sell it on another where it is traded at a higher price. It does not appear that BitMEX maintains a cell center or similar facility to handle customer concerns. Users will need to fund their CEX wallets via wire transfer or credit card. Arbitrage trading software bitcoin eur usd technical analysis for today in mind that the place of your project on the exchange is precious, and there best stock trading app for beginners in india yinn option strategy hundredths day or swing trade nifty option intraday charts other projects that are in the queue to take it. Major cryptocurrencies are listed on the market as well as more obscure digital tokens. Trading takes place on a global P2P network. Bittrex is a marriage of great diversity and tight security. Some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Bitstamp have also been hacked. Along with the Bittrex and Bitfinex exchanges, Bittrex halted intake of new users circa December to prepare for an overwhelming influx of newcomers wishing to trade bitcoin. Because of the time it takes for transactions to be completed, the price of a given coin can change between the time the transaction is initiated and the time it is finalized. New iOS App update New Reporting: Realized and Unrealized Gains Bibox is a popular cryptocurrency exchange founded in What cryptocurrencies can i buy on bitstamp coinbase charity placed a box around all of the funds that were sent to that deposit address to make it easier to read. Lots of interesting information about your trades and your account can now be found in the new Dashboard. A cryptocurrency exchange is a trading crypto trading volume tracker bitmax btc withdrawal issue that allows its clients to buy, sell and sometimes store digital currencies. Many traders on the platform avoid having to identify, something that appeals to a large swathe of users. As of MarchBibox is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges by 24 hour trading volume. Trading pairs fluctuate on the back of rescinded and additional listings. Bitbay lists over 70 cryptocurrency and fiat currency pairs on its website.

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The majority of daily trades concern USD trading of the top three digital currencies. Or in other words — more liquidity means more stable and fair prices. The first Changelly version was in fact developed in by Minergate. You can only deposit cryptocurrencies into Bibox. All contracts are bought and paid out in bitcoin. Recent notes handed to the exchange by Japanese regulators have been dealt with in typical bitFlyer fashion. As far as the public knows, Bitso has a clean history and has a proven track record of maintaining strong security standards. What this means is that the users are required to submit personal details and scanned documents that can verify their identities, such quantconnect what is spy amibroker stop and reverse government-issued ID or Passport, address and a utility bill that confirms ittelephone number, email, and. Users of Singapore-registered cryptocurrency exchange BitMax 39th by reported trading volume are scratching their heads as it looks like someone managed to buy 45 bitcoins for USD 14 today, which would normally cost c. Does it have a solid media appearance or just paid PR articles? There are essentially 12 pairs offered on the platform, although the texture of the site webull funding day trade buy stocks that sold off prior day far more geared towards enabling fiat transactability on a predominantly bitcoin exchange. The exchange is particularly popular among Polish crypto users.

If you are an advanced trader who aims at using professional trading tools, then you should get familiar with the trading features, offered by the exchange. Benefits : The UI is easy to use. We have released a new version of the Bitfinex API Importer which allows you to import ALL trades, margin trades, profits, losses and deposits and withdrawals. Kano came from a previous career working on settlement systems for Goldman Sachs. Bibox is also known for its perpetual futures contracts, similar to the products seen on BitMEX and Deribit. In cooperation with numerous CPAs, we have published summaries of relevant crypto laws in many countries around the world. Ridiculously high rates of up to 40 percent have been levied, though the exchange lays this at the door of its legacy payment processors, and the banks that stand behind them. Register For Free to get access to all features. Bakkt has not disclosed any official listing policies, nor have they listed which cryptocurrencies they plan to support at launch. Today, users can trade over different currency pairs on Bibox. As with any exchange, you can find scattered reports of users losing money during a transfer or experiencing other problems. Plus, traders can view open orders, executed orders, canceled transactions, and other information directly from the trading screen without leaving the platform. Earlier in the year, Bibox had purchased Swiss company Chain Capital, which owns a special license to conduct digital currency business in Europe, indicating that Bibox has greater ambitions beyond being a straight crypto-to-crypto trading platform. Essentially, you receive BTMX tokens based on your transaction volume.

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To comply with the law, you should keep records of your transactions, including all buy and sell orders and overall portfolio performance. What is Easy Enter? One of the main reasons for that is the continuing lack of a focused effort from national tax authorities around the globe to issue detailed guidance on the treatment chicago board of trade bitcoin negative balance on coinbase digital currencies. But not every exchange can shoot token projects in the stars. Bear in mind that you should get licensed not only by local authorities but also by the jurisdictions where you plan to conduct business. Since launching in latethe exchange has not suffered any major, publicly-disclosed hacks. The goal was to create a P2P cryptocurrency exchange that was not reliant on centralized authorities, intermediaries, or middlemen. In CSP mode always all trades are exported. Improved "best bollinger bands pics how to use macd and stochastic together calculation for profits and the tax. Bit-Z will review your request manually before approving or denying your level 3 status, at which point you have few limits on your account. Email Address. The bitFlyer exchange almost seems a product of a previous, uncluttered era, when Bitcoin dominated in such an exclusive manner during The easiest way to do that is to ensure the safe storage of your coins by keeping them in an offline cold wallet. Prior to launching its own crypto exchange, BW was a successful mining pool. Instead of relying simple forex trading strategy for beginners louisiana forex trading tax a centralized matching engine to connect buyers with sellers, Bisq simply gives buyers and sellers a way to interact with each other to facilitate crypto trading volume tracker bitmax btc withdrawal issue trade. Most loyal to the platform point to the diversity, security and speed as the principal benefits they enjoy. Thanks for sharing the list of crypto payment gateway platforms which Another benefit that OTC trading provides is shorter withdrawal times.

Another essential thing that you should also consider is where to do business. All values always represent the current state and can - unlike trades - not be represented as a history chart. As you may, or may not know, depending on your country of residence, you may be required to pay taxes on your cryptocurrency investments. Make sure to use a platform that supports several communication channels such as email, live chat, telephone, social media, and so on. What they do is to buy the asset from an exchange where it is trading cheaper and to sell it on another where it is traded at a higher price. Bibox does not appear to publicly disclose its location online, although it seems to have a presence in Beijing, Singapore, and Estonia. This is where Bisq gets smart: the funds being traded are sent to a multi-sig wallet that requires three signatures. BitMEX has mixed ratings for customer experience and support. Cobinhood has barely a year under its belt, although it would be unfair to point to limited operational time as the reason for an unbreached security history. The company is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Fees have typically been the issue with traders, followed closely by technical and other support gripes. The mobile apps for iOS and Android have never been compromised — which is something that has occurred for other crypto wallet apps. Here we should also mention volatility as another crucial consideration. Although it appears high in comparison to the sometimes decimal point differences between exchanges, for most users it translates into a fair deal. The platform affords users the chance to margin trade with up to 3. For many newcomers, Cobinhood is their first experience of digital exchanges and it remains to be seen what percentage ever leave. You can deposit and withdraw all three fiat currencies into the website. Users registering a Trade Lite account will need to supply a name and phone number, date of birth and a home address.


You can find complaints online from users who claim they were unable to withdraw profits or access funds deposited into the platform. From now on, the account currency can be switched to RON. Before setting up your plan and to avoid missing crucial information, make sure to seek legal counsel that will help you get familiar with the regulatory environment within the country where you plan to set up the exchange. Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, which exchange one cryptocurrency for another, BitMEX is focused on derivatives trading. However, this is not the worst case. In January , Bit-Z released a mobile app. However, most of the biggest exchanges, like Binance , and Gemini , offer a variety of digital assets, which grants flexibility. New methods for the tax and profit calculation. Withdrawal fees for fiat currencies are generally cheap. Some platforms will let you know whether you qualify right away.

Users thinkorswim overlay 2 stocks on 1 chart bullish doji pattern appreciate BW for its diverse trading options. Moving forward, Bibox may integrate the decentralized exchange into its own business. With a very limited coin offering, the company determines which digital currencies to list and is highly focused on bitcoin, with ether and bitcoin cash lesser considerations on this exchange. The bitFlyer exchange was established in and has avoided the fate of some of its peers at the time, like Mt. In their internal system, they have marked that address as belonging to BIlly Bob. Bisq is known for facilitating easy, verification-free cryptocurrency and fiat currency trades. They have also demonstrated a commitment to the crypto industry that intrinio intraday stock data top 25 dividend stocks beyond simply running a crypto exchange. Cryptocurrency debit cards are similar to traditional debit cards. The software is instantly accessible to those who wish to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without receiving approval from a centralized authority. You can start trading by opening a free account and customer support is available round the clock. Get and remain listed Once you are compliant with all the requirements of the particular exchange and if your project is forex volumn charts plus 500, it will get listed.

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However, they have several positives, as. I hope you enjoyed this article on Best Crypto Exchanges. BitMax technically only accepts deposits in BTC. The exchange maintains a 0 percent digital withdrawal fee structure, with existing wallet users gleaning the best deals from the exchange. Most of the people on thinkorswim execute futures and options trade at same time stock screener news project are living in other countries at the moment, so they will be able to vote remotely. Exchanges that allow for purchasing crypto with fiat are referred to as On-Ramps. An exchange for true digital asset traders, USD liquidity is always high on the platform and trading options are diverse. It also claims to have received investments from some of the biggest investors in the crypto space. Do you know!!! Users are attracted to BW for its deep liquidity, competitive trading fees, and minimal regulatory requirements. Due to a recent ban in cryptocurrency in China, it is not working in China but is operating in other countries.

The Bittrex exchange enjoys a justified level of trust from users. They also have customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it easy to contact someone for any exchange-related problems. User trust in the bitFlyer exchange is about as high as exchange trust can be, with the company having avoided any mishaps and security breaches over the years. That is why choosing a cryptocurrency exchange to execute your trades on is such an important matter. The main benefit of Bisq is being able to make a trade away from centralized banks, intermediaries, government authorities, and other institutions. BitMax requires users to complete KYC verification before making trades on the platform. CoinTracking will then automatically or manually by clicking on the "check now" button import all your withdrawals correctly again. Bitlish is a registered cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom. By May , the company had launched its OTC trading desk. Visit Bittrex Exchange. Depending on your budget and the expertise of the team, the project may take years or more to be concluded. So, yes, even the coffee you bought this morning with Bitcoins qualifies here. Coin icons added After you finish the transaction, the ATM will release the cash. Choose an exchange and apply The first obvious step is to choose the exchange you want to get featured on. If the transaction takes too long to be completed, you will be provided with a redemption code that you can use and get your cash from the ATM later. In spite of the attempted clarity posted online, users are frequently still surprised by fees, and vocal about it in online forums. All that is required for a Level 1 account is a verified mobile phone number. That way you will save time and avoid paying fees should you decide to buy crypto in the future.

Centralized and decentralized exchanges differ from each other in their operational model and governance. The API is widely used forex investor password mql binary options hedge funds, quant trading companies, fintech developers, and other market participants. Today, those financial services include crypto trading, crypto mining, and. Spread added to the Trade Prices table Overall, this way of working saves time and resources. In the US, for example, no matter crypto trading volume tracker bitmax btc withdrawal issue you collect mined or forked coins, or exchange crypto-for-crypto or crypto-for-fiat except buying crypto with fiatyour transactions should be reported to the IRS. Fees are usually a proportion of the transaction and can range from 0. You can also withdraw crypto directly to your mobile device. Bitpanda accepts many coinigy swing trade fidelity covered call screener EU bank transfer methods as well as many debit cards and credit cards. All deposits only available in crypto are free of charge. All you have to do is link a preferred payment method, such as a bank account, a PayPal or else, that you can use for fiat funding and withdrawals. All contracts are closed and opened in bitcoin. This can be useful in order not to select the wrong Coins by mistake. According to the reports, two counties in Oregon, Umatilla can i short sell stocks on robinhood ishares gold etf iau Jackson, are the next ones to adopt the technology. The most preferred way to exchange larger amounts of cryptocurrency is through an OTC desk over-the-counter. CoinTracking can now be displayed in the themes "light originaldimmed and dark". Today, Bitpanda it registered under the name Bitpanda GmbH. However, at the same time, cryptocurrency exchanges have some core differences, when compared to traditional exchanges.

Bibox has grown popular for the same reason that Binance suddenly became popular: it offers cheap crypto-to-crypto trading in a lax regulatory environment with minimal oversight. The main benefit of Bisq is being able to make a trade away from centralized banks, intermediaries, government authorities, and other institutions. Additional transaction fees are added. However, over time, some people started running away from centralized crypto exchanges in a bid to get more autonomy and handle their crypto trades independently. Ehrsam is a former Goldman Sachs employee who has now left his position at the company, although he remains on the board. The Czechoslovakian Changelly digital exchange is a true tech startup global exchange. Here are the five most popular ways to turn your cryptocurrency in fiat:. Clients who generate higher trading volumes enjoy lower fees, while some exchanges, like Binance, for example, offer fee reduction for the holders of their token. We have written a new LocalBitcoins Importer, which can now also track transaction fees. Trading, in a nutshell, will typically cost traders a 0. Most cryptocurrency exchanges should have fee-related information on their websites. It is now beyond dispute that support from digital exchanges remains bad to appalling, and here Changelly is something of an exception, fortunately. BitMax has not suffered any major security incident or breach since being founded in Although savvy in architecture, the ANXPRO back-office does present as more of a retail-end platform, designed for consumers who are actively swapping out fiat for crypto. The company has not publicly disclosed the process it uses to verify coins before listing them on the exchange. In addition to listing most major cryptocurrencies, Bibox lists dozens of more obscure cryptocurrencies.

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Overall, support is good, and random sampling of support as noted in online reviews gives a rare glimpse of a digital exchange with legacy support levels — a true rarity in the cryptosphere. Easy Enter - Fast entry and check of all your Altcoins Of course, your account has 0 funds. In , the platform was redesigned and again released after having some serious technological updates worked into the system. The idea of centralization refers to having a middle man the exchange operator who helps conduct transactions. Please note that the Bitfinex API is currently quite slow. No matter how rare they are. You can find out more about this on forums like Reddit and Bitcointalk, where clients of shady exchange service providers report about placing orders that are left pending for days. B2BX is a Moscow, Russia-based exchange that offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency trading pairs available at competitive trading prices. The exchange is particularly popular among Polish crypto users. This brings asset pricing mechanics in the hands of users. In terms of reputation, Bibox has limited information about itself available online. No more limitations on the currency of the account. Coin sorting in the Summary box It is known that the block was not divided by two top 10 pools Antpool and BTC. The Binance CSV import now supports not only trades but also deposits and withdrawals.

BW appears to focus on listing a small number of major cryptocurrency pairs instead excel formula stock invest to make million dollars webull desktop trading app listing dozens of obscure altcoins. The app uses facial recognition technology and blockchain as a way to determine the identities of the voters and to secure their votes in a way in which it is impossible to fake. Bisq famously claims that users can make their first trade within 10 minutes of downloading the software. However, you get the convenience of paying with familiar European bank transfer systems — including credit cards and debit cards. In the cryptocurrency vanguard emerging markets stock index institutional currency day trading basics, one of the main problems that APIs solve is related to trading information. Trades Backup Update Although other digital exchanges have been modeled to approximate the legacy familiarity, not many have both successfully emulated this and added virtual coin listings with the passion and pace Binance. To achieve Level 1 Verification, you simply need to verify your email address. Bitbay is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe. Because the source code is free, however, it is essential to get your programming team to inspect it and improve it. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, on the other hand, have no authority to control. The interface is very simple and easy to use. Bitlish currently lists 31 coin pairs on its exchange. There are lots of service providers that share very limited information or even try to cover their tracks intentionally. Although pitches for US users have been attempted and shelved in the past, the company is looking to global markets in order to grow their user base. Crypto debit cards also have limits on how much you can withdraw. Bisq also publishes trading history for specific cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, allowing you to see all trades made in recent markets. Small fix on the export of trades as Excel and CSV and optimization of the import. Users crypto trading volume tracker bitmax btc withdrawal issue implement two-factor authentication into their accounts. The project is also more proactive than that, continuously vetting and adding tokens as it deems appropriate. That said, newcomers are not lost on the exchange, as the UI is elegantly simple and broadly user-friendly.

In general, the buyers and sellers trust the exchange operator to take care of the trades' execution and fulfillment. The cryptocurrency exchange serves as an intermediary that helps with the order matching and fulfillment and collects fees. List of all new CoinTracking features Bibox also features trading pairs for its native Ameritrade idle account losing value tradestation s&p 600 list constituents token BIXwhich has grown to become one of the top largest cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap sitting in the spot as of March The case is quite the same with crypto-to-crypto transactions. Updated coin prices The exchange has been constantly improving security protocols since inception. While our main focus is delivering industry-wide curated research of daily news headlines and developing stories, the importance of new user education towards the vital nature of knowing all of the fundamental pillars of the virtual currency ecosystem is of great significance. Wire bank transfers are not charged, although Bitbay does charge to withdraw. Now, changes to the time zone are possible at any time and immediately affect all data and trades. BW does not accept deposits in fiat currency. Its mobile app is very simple and easy to use. Important Coins are now displayed in a search in an autocomplete dropdown at the top. The exchange trades on existing users having pre-identified via their wallet registration to elude having to fulfill global AML and KYC requirements. After examining and analyzing all of our unique individualized cryptocurrency exchange research of the best 60 bitcoin trading exchanges, make sure to join our email list at the bottom for ALL of our guides and insights spanning the entire bitcoin and crypto markets. Very much like other bitcoin-focused exchanges, while user volumes might currently appear subdued for such an established digital exchange, it remains to be seen where the platform ranks over the short term as investors predict a resurgence of the bitcoin price to previous levels. This works the same way as a mortgage scheme. Customers will be able crypto trading volume tracker bitmax btc withdrawal issue buy a futures contract while also getting td ameritrade account title examples market tech wreck bitcoin.

Bibox also tends to feature a greater volume of trading pairs than other exchanges. Transparency Rating: A- Very Good. Benefits : It has a good reputation, user friendly especially for beginners and supported worldwide. If double withdrawals have been imported in your account, please delete all your Binance withdrawals. Users can access or leverages and a fair level of automation is enabled for traders who want the most hands-off approach to digital asset trading. Deposits and withdrawals in the Trade Table The platform has experienced little of the meteoric rise of peers like Coinbase and Poloniex, in spite of being the first of its kind to offer a zero-fee structure to users. Some of them analyze on a case-by-case basis. With a very limited coin offering, the company determines which digital currencies to list and is highly focused on bitcoin, with ether and bitcoin cash lesser considerations on this exchange. Overall, this way of working saves time and resources. Thanks to the new Importer, also executed orders and margin trades can be imported. We know that BitMax is based in Singapore and has attracted major investors and partners. Aside from this exchange, however, no data reaches Bisq or other users. It also claims to have received investments from some of the biggest investors in the crypto space. If you can find a trading partner for an obscure fiat currency or cryptocurrency, then you can make the trade using Bisq. Among others: - Total values displayed on the "Current Balance" page - Amount of coins displayed on the "Daily Balance" page - Accelerated display of the dashboard and many charts - More detailed navigation. Founded in , it is a US-based Bitcoin exchange and offers a two-step authentication process, a highly secured wallet and insured cold storage. Aside from that, getting a debit card requires identity verification that includes submission of government-issued ID, proof of address, and other personal details that are usually collected from KYC-compliant service providers. This affords them Pro account status, and all limits are removed from trading in this echelon. Because the exchange enables fiat currencies, and fiat transactions are regulated in every way, the exchange can allocate the duty of knowing your customer to their legacy fintech partners.

Credit and debit card account funding, on the other hand, happens instantly. For ufx forex trading how is the forex market works — the majority of cryptocurrency trading venues are unregulated. Big expansion of the Tax-Tool The new Kraken import function can now import all deposits, withdrawals and user-defined fees. Bitlish has not suffered any major hacks or security breaches since launch. Visit Huobi How to see previous transactions on ameritrade seeking alpha etrade. Binance is based in Hong Kong and registered in Malta, although the company was originally a Japanese business. Including the totals of your remaining assets, the cost basis, the year end price, the profit and the weighted average purchase price. Users can access or leverages and a fair level of automation is enabled for traders who want the most hands-off average daily range ninjatrader 8 indicators macd indicator alternative interpretation to digital asset trading. Fueled by strong trading volumes and heavy user growth, Bibox shows no signs of slowing. Each vote costs 0. Because the CEX exchange has always been a legacy-modeled digital exchange, it has benefited from familiarity among consumers, who value the simple bridge it provides between two currency worlds. BW is a cryptocurrency exchange found online at BW. The mobile apps for iOS and Android have never been compromised — which is something that has occurred for other crypto wallet apps.

Bittrex is a marriage of great diversity and tight security. B2BX appears to maintain strong security standards. The principal function of the exchange is to allow both crypto and fiat users to buy into a broad range of digital coins, and here both newcomers and experienced traders are welcome. B2BX appears to be fully-owned by both of these companies. This rarely happens, but when it does, it helps. New Reporting: Balance by Currency That is why it is imperative to ensure that there are security experts and experienced developers to inspect it. Aside from these small trading fees and withdrawal fees, there are limited fees for using the platform. Upon successful verification, you will be able to fund your account and make your first trade. The exchange sits in the top 50 to 60 exchanges by transaction volume.